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Share This With Anyone That Needs to Smile Today – Make Me Smile

Make me smile.

Take a few minutes now and watch this movie.

Use the buttons to the left to share it with others and make them smile.

I guarantee it will make you smile.

It’s a full story motion picture in just 16 minutes with a story that may make your cry, but will certainly make you smile


You deserve it. You are spectacular

Leave a comment and join the discussion.

Make Me Smile

I found this short film in 2008 and started sharing it. The more I shared it, the more stories we got back about how others were Β pointing to this page to share it’s message and make people smile.

Soon I had watched it myself a least a dozen times, and used it in presentations as a social media expert, showing how each of the lines the hero uses are about the length of a tweet on Twitter. Now when I’m asked if Twitter can work, I refer others to this movie. It’s so obvious that big things happen from short messages.

Today, I return and watch it ever month or so, but hardly a day goes by that I don’t share this link with someone. The joy of hearing how others have used short messages like this to turn around a conversation, to uplift a friend or family member, or use a smile to make the day of Β a stranger are my real joy.

Share a Smile and Share Your Story Below.

We switched the comment engine on this blog and lost hundreds of comments. Now you can comment and share on Facebook and start your own sharing. Please take a moment to let me know how your short comments and smiles make a smile.

224 thoughts on “Share This With Anyone That Needs to Smile Today – Make Me Smile”

  1. That Validation guy is on Bones on FOX, cool.
    Thanks Warren

  2. Loved It!! Made me smile!

  3. Wow – what an excellent movie. Oscar worthy if you ask me! I’m going to digg and stumble etc.

  4. justjoeindenver says:

    This. Awesome. Thank you. You made me smile.

  5. a cute film, i enjoyed it, but seriously….seriously…shouldnt a blog about success at least take the trouble to spell PROSPERITY?

  6. This is great! I loved it!!!!!!

  7. WOW!!! Fantastic

  8. Pretty durn good!! Thanx!!!!

  9. OMGEE.. I love this. I was feeling so down and then i watched this and it made me feel soo happy! Everone who was involved in this i love you! The best video ever!! πŸ™‚ Made my day

  10. Nate Wesley says:

    This was a nice, uplifting short film.

    Are we sure the lead actor isn’t in some way related to Gene Wilder? Because that’s who he reminded me of.

  11. I almost cried then she wouldn´t smile.
    thanks for showing this on your page.

    Now I just think I will go out and smile to everyone.
    Ps. Love it!!

  12. Made me smile as the tears roll down my cheeks πŸ™‚

  13. Oh god, that was so sweet. I’m gonna go have a great day now!

  14. Best short movie I’ve seen in ages. Spend the time and watch it, you won’t regret it, and it will brighten your day!

  15. This was actually the best short film i have seen in a long time. Thanks for making me smile.

  16. Lovely movie, with the added bonus of one of my favourite actors (TJ Thyne from “Bones”). Thank you for sharing. πŸ™‚

  17. it didnt make me smile and wat pissed me off the most is that it took like 30 minutes to fricking load….. lame

  18. this movie was funny and yet it had a very creative story. victoria was hot.

  19. How much fun was that!!!??!!!

  20. If only we did more of this. The world would change in a twitter heart beat. Tweet the world as I will! Great job! You are awsome for making this available to the world!

  21. Awesome Movie. I was laughing most of the way through it. It made my day.

  22. Awesome. Thumbs up from us StumbleUponers

  23. great short film.

  24. That was so lovely.
    I can’t stop smiling πŸ™‚

  25. Thank you, awesome movie.
    You made my day.

  26. I laughed! I cried! I SMILED!

  27. Love it…that not just make you smile, also boost your confidence and attitude towards life.

  28. This video is AMAZING I’m smiling so much πŸ˜€

  29. Can't Smile.. says:

    That.. made me cry..
    Because, no one has ever told me anything like that before..
    Nobody’s ever told me that I have a great smile, that I’m beautiful, that I’m even pretty..
    And watching this movie.. It..
    I wish someone could tell me that.

  30. i love the stumble tool bar, it’s how i “stumbled” upon this video. i actually was having a bad day and this made me smile!

  31. baracuda68 says:

    I think this needs a little validation…

    *Smiles* πŸ™‚

  32. Loved this!
    One of the best shorts I’ve seen.
    Nicely done :o)

  33. This was a totally unexpected pleasure. It really did bring up my mood. Thanks.

  34. Mindy Mindburger says:


  35. Im glad I took the time to watch! Thanks!

  36. that was damn good. excellent film

  37. I loved this video. It made me smile!! Great job.

  38. Enjoyed it…it really showed how a smile & some kind words can change someone’s day…or their life. I immediately recognized T.J. Thyne (Dr. Hodgins on “Bones”) as the Validation Man.

  39. I cried. And then I smiled. And then I cried and smiled.

  40. fantastic says:

    The video is no longer available??

  41. I love it…it makes me smile every time i watch it ^_^

  42. Hey that was great – I watched the whole video, it brought a big smile to my face. If you want to keep the smile going follow this link, it’s very smile provoking.

  43. OMG, what a perfect start to a perfect morning for me.


  44. I shared this with my readers at my depression management blog

    It is a deep thing for people to feel validated.

    Trick is to get people to tick the validation box internally not seek it outside, but it’s all part of the journey of personal wisdom

  45. Great short movie, I saw your link in

    I enjoyed the black and white look, great optimistic story. You are awesome! : D

    Regards from Spain.

  46. SOO Stumbled…Loved it…

  47. this is the best thing i have seen in a wile and it made me smile

  48. This is such an awsome movie clip! I absolutly adore it!

    I wish there were more Hugh Newmans in the world!

    Kind of cheesy I know. but I do think it’s amazing.

  49. This was so good I emailed the link to about 20 people….Just loved it!!!!

    Thanks for being “Great”…

  50. What a wonderful metaphore for how a little encouragement can go so far. Pass this around to every employee, co-worker and boss you know.

  51. rodolfo reyes says:

    Awesome…sometimes i felt that way…this remind me there are a important things in life…i love you elizabeth..

  52. Great movie – thank you!

    Just sent the link out to my twitter list and my newsletter lists so that they can enjoy it too.

    Have a fantastic Christmas (or whatever you celebrate at this time of year) and an amazing New Year!

    Big hug,
    Karen Leslie

  53. Amazing video… Made me smile! We should have more stuff like this!

  54. Abhishek.. this is BRILLIANT.. thank you.. I haven’t stopped smiling !

  55. Thank you, I needed that.

  56. You just made my day =) Thank you

  57. Squeek Orcutt says:

    Loved it! Thank you for the smiles. πŸ˜‰

  58. What a refreshing short video.Take a look world. Ya see that is all it takes to change everything.

  59. You are great! You work so hard. You are the backbone that keeps this place running!

    πŸ™‚ Thanks for the smile!

  60. Ha! Who Knew, Man…

  61. WOW!! Anca, thanks for sharing this with me. You are a wonderful person. You have a caring heart as big as the Validator. You are an angel in my life during times that are so difficult.
    Thanks, from my heart!
    Now, you smile!

  62. This is awesome! The world needs much more of this. I showed this to my husband (he is a Manly man)and I know I saw his eyes water πŸ™‚

    Thank You.

    Giovanna Garcia

  63. Super! I posted to my facebook page. This was way cool!!

  64. I swear its the domesticated version of Buddy the elf!!
    p.s: whats your favorite color?

  65. But you can smile in your DL photo, not your passport photo.

  66. The heading of your blog says ‘rich prosperTity’, is it really what you meant?

  67. this movie is sooo annoying. it made me feel ill.

  68. Aww this put a very big smile on my face!! My passport picture is horrid!

  69. Thank you, oh yes that made me smile too πŸ™‚
    One of the best shorts I’ve ever seen!!!

  70. That really made me smile. Thanks so much for sharing it πŸ˜€

  71. WoW! What a wonderful movie.. SMILE COSTS NOTHING…

  72. I didn’t smile. I cried.

  73. Damn, that was amazing. I was bawling from 11:50 on πŸ˜›

  74. I’m fighting my way out of over 5 years of depression and anxiety at the moment and…

    That’s made my day. I haven’t smiled so much for a long, long time. Thank you so much.


  75. Made me Smile πŸ™‚

  76. πŸ™‚

  77. Christina says:

    I have a smile so big on right now that my cheeks are hurting a bit! Thank you for posting that!

  78. This is so cute! :]

  79. Had happy tears!! This was GREAT!!!

  80. That was so amazing…made me smile and I found it a the perfect time. I know someone at this moment that needs a smile. Thank you for posting that.

  81. WOW, This was awesome. I loved it thanks for the smiles

  82. Dung Huynh says:

    Really lovely movie. Thanks for it

  83. this is great!… when i saw the time it will take to finish at 16 minutes.. i sed, “that’s awfully long” and thought i give it 2-3 minutes then i’ll stumble along.. but damn ! its so good i finished up to the credits and that took 16:23 of my stumbling time…. but no regrets.. i was glad i did.

  84. Loved this it made me cry~ lol

    the part of the mother who smiled and than the piccie of the daughter next to her smiling together.. this warmed my heart!!

    Loved they guy in the film…!!

  85. Penny Ward says:


  86. Fantastic! Thanks for making me smile πŸ™‚

  87. Very beautiful, very moving. Something we all need and crave, but rarely get. Keep up the great work. Thanks!

  88. why cant we all be like this everyday? it would make the world such a better place. people helping people

  89. That was great! Thanks for making me smile . . . a lot.

  90. Thank you! WOW! This is WONDERFUL!

    Moved to tears of joy, this works well!

    I’m with Julie Marg, and what she SEZ:

    “juliemarg Says:

    November 26th, 2008 at 7:48 pm
    Wow – what an excellent movie. Oscar worthy if you ask me! IÒ€ℒm going to digg and stumble etc.”
    *** YES, Julie!
    This is a “must see” movie~all who’ve posted
    comments a “must read” and we need to spread,
    share the LOVE and smiles and VALIDATE ONE
    another in every moment, situation & our lives
    will transform exponentially. Dare to design your
    destiny, definitively, driving your dream to fruition
    with the fun of sharing your smile, your heart; LOVE!

    Love and smiles, your …

    Forever friend,


  91. Stumbling is fun. xD

  92. Simply love this! Gonna set it up at my site too. Thank you for sharing this.

  93. wow, did not expect to love that all, absolutely perfect will definitely share with a few friends of mine who are down this week, thank you

  94. Rudolph Hucker says:

    Eeeeeuuwww! Where’s the sickbags?

  95. That was awesome!!!! Really made me smile. I know about the guy from house but did you guys notice Angelina Jolie’s brother?

  96. After reading an article about loneliness is same as smoking… and watching this… All i can say is: “Laughter with a big smile is the best medicine”.

  97. Mohan Krishnapillai says:

    it’s an amazing film, shows that if u keep doing what you du u’ll get great results and it makes u smile.

  98. Wow – a fabulous video. Great message and several smaller messages for folks.

  99. That was wonderful…i couldn’t have found this at a better time.

  100. This week has sucked for me. I was skeptical about this movie, but I watched it and I loved it!!! Now I can’t stop smiling. Thank you. This was exactly what I needed. πŸ˜€

  101. Abby Sciuto says:

    Yay! Its TJ Thyne!!!!!!!! He’s Hodgins from Bones!!!

  102. This is absolutely awesome. πŸ˜€ This made me smile so big! I always love finding inspiring things, thanks for posting.

  103. Excellent! Very inspiring and it drew a big smile on my face. Thanx!

  104. I LOVE this film “Validation” ~ SO heart warming… and really well made! I once saw a tiny clip of it but never knew about the whole story… and the whole story is of course, the very best part! and funny thing… I know one of the actors in there too ~ fancy that!

    So, thanks so much for sharing!


  105. I love it. Everyone should try and make at least one person a day feel good. It's fun. Human behavior is interesting and it's fascinating to see how different attitudes can affect people. Smile cause you are amazing!

  106. PeaceMakersInc says:

    This Is the Best Video I've Seen in a Long Time!!! AWESOME!! We all need to Validate each other more!! LIVE IT! CRUSH IT! WARREN! πŸ™‚

  107. chiflatiron says:

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  108. I'm going to keep sharing this video. All the feedback I”ve heard says it never fails to touch the viewer

  109. Katherine says:

    You have a real gift for evoking strong emotion through a simple heartfelt story! Almost made me cry….but the smiles won out!!! Truly inspirational!
    Have the Best Day ever!

  110. I hold that we all can make someone's day with a simple statement.

    Your comment made my day.. see?

  111. omg this is beautiful <3 thank you, i really needed smile smile ^_^

  112. This video is just wonderful. Makes me smile πŸ™‚ Thanks for that. Seriously.

  113. A short film with a short message showing the power of short messages πŸ™‚

  114. alejandrohmendez says:

    You know its something so simple and perhaps even sound corny yet very powerfull, wow.

    Thanks for the smile is a medicine that we produce ourselves for us, however it has to be nurture by each other.


  115. Nice film byte but it needs some real bite like to make a real diff is to believe in God thru Jesus Christ otherwise most of what you do is in vain!His validation really works! Forever!

  116. Brilliant . Brillaint thanks for this great email Warren. Really great. I appreciate your patience and opportunities and offers.

    Well the book – 'Ancestral Gifts' is finished. The editor is going through it and sending me back re-write bit by bit. Two readers have responded with' outstanding, this is a winner' comments.

    It has been an exhausting process and to be honest I'm still recovering and just catching up with my deadlines. And by Wednesday will have gotten through the worst of that.

    When I got your email I said, right. I'll respond. I'll set up a special publicity/marketing box, and I did, and I'll start the must do list. Regarding book, brainstorming etc. blog, website stuff. And I have. And, the game begins.

    On my way to give a lecture in the US
    Thanks. I'm OPTING IN.


  117. I definitley agree, a smile can go a long way. I believe in smiling sometimes too much, smile…wonderful.

    Thank you for the invite.

  118. tamiclose says:

    I have watched this before, but seeing again through fresh, new eyes just fills me with goosebumps and warm fuzzies. Thanks for sharing, Warren, and so glad that love is a complete circle :).

  119. DR WILKINS says:


  120. MICHAEL J ROBINSON. says:


  121. robertarbarnes says:

    As Gendai Reiki-ho Shihan I teach to allow love and harmony to flow to everyone, even those coming at you with bad words and actions.
    The short vidio is great and perfect visual of the balance love and harmony can bring, one smile at a time. Thanks so much for sharing & I passed on in my twitter Shihan32

  122. if we all just said one more nice thing today, that's billions of levels of improvement in the overall karma of the world

  123. I'm sure He would have you smile and say kind words to others, regardless of their beliefs

  124. I'm sure He would have you smile and say kind words to others, regardless of their beliefs

  125. Isn't it amazing how any of us can find one more way to add value to another person. Add it up, it's a lot

  126. I use this in presentations, and gift it to nearly all I encounter. Sharing it make ME smile

  127. Thanks, Warren, for sharing this. LOVED it and will share with my Newsletter list, Blog and Facebook Fan page. Keep all the good stuff going!

  128. Completely uplifting!!

  129. Completly uplifting!!

  130. That was fantastic. Everyone should smile, because the next day maybe gone forever,

  131. Right. Live everyday like it's your last.. learn like you will live forever – Einstein

  132. really awesome! Made me smile and cry at the same time

  133. it's an emotional grabber.. and wait till you get to enjoy the feeling you get sharing it. Awesome!

  134. Lovely short film about a guy who makes people smile, becomes a photographer and falls in love (sweet)

  135. Ever notice when you let someone into traffic, they do the same for others up ahead? That's what smiles do… and the more you give, the more that are given away. It's like a contageous facial expression of kindness, slipping into our spirit, one person at a time. We can change the world, you know! Now that's what I'M talkin' about! What a lovely, lovely, brilliant, lovely film. Thank you so much. I'm smiling.

  136. That is sad to hear. But the good news is, you can change that yourself! You know, your emotions, your mood, your feelings–are a contagious, living 'energy,' which you send ahead of yourself to others. And if no one has had the sense to say any of those things to you (I grew up with that deficit, too), then you have to say them to yourself!

    Do it, believe it, accept it, and watch your world, and the people in it, change.

    And in the meantime–make opportunities to say all those things that YOU wish to hear–to another. The easiest way to get love is to give it!

  137. GIVING is the easiest and fastest way to change the world.

    And nothing is easier than sharing a smile or giving a compliment

  138. Warren, how do I post as myself, not as a guest? When I try to connect with facebook, it says 'forbidden!' whassup with that?

  139. Hmmmm… Isn't that what I said? Smiling and complimenting ARE wonderful gifts to give, but I propose they need to be followed up with DOING… random acts of kindness, favors, assisting the elderly and the less fortunate, … and BEING kind, understanding, thoughtful, humorous, warm and generous. Back in PA, I had been paying the bridge toll for cars behind me for 32 years, because I felt all warm and fuzzy inside when it first happened to me… 32 years ago. In Florida, now, I had to find another way to pay it forward… (not easy, and still remain anonymous). I recommend it highly to anyone within shouting distance of a bridge. LOL 8?)

  140. you have a great smile.. we need to see you pic on your comment so we can all tell you that πŸ™‚

  141. I just tried FB connection.. we got through Disqus and their end works.. it's getting an error from FB.

    Since I log in from Disqus, I haven't seen this before. I will be looking on other blogs to see if it's more than a temporary glitch.

    Glad you got logged in

  142. The message here is that words ARE actions.. with real effects. I see it all the time with short tweets on Twitter.

    That being said. I LOVE the toll booth story.

  143. What a great message! I watched it with my 3 y/o son and now he sings that catchy little tune! This has inspired me to validate even more in my every day life! Thank you for sharing, Warren! πŸ™‚

  144. What a cool way to share with your son. I find that even greater joy than the message

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    the post is very great…thank you for sharing…

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  152. Very nice.

  153. Beerbelly1090 says:

    I am amazed at how such a simple story was made into such a powerful experience! Truly a work of art and a thing of beauty. GREAT JOB!

  154. lifeis1000 says:

    thanks for shareing..from.. , Lifeis – Changing Lives

  155. *sniff sniff* I cried a little, but grinned in the end! LOVED THIS!

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  157. MreibMillioldt says:

    This is awsome ! Great message- Millie

  158. Justmekamelia says:

    Oh..My Gosh..the story was so awsome and beautiful also at the same time..I love every single scene..Really inspires..

  159. so true.. hope you will share it with others.. it always brings a smile

  160. The film really shows the power of one individual with just a simple meme shared

  161. your smile makes a difference

  162. didn’t smile….. guess thats how depressed i am

  163. Sorry to hear that. It never fails to cheer me up.

    There are many reasons to smile everyday.. hope you find one soon

  164. Webofallies says:

    That’s not depression-it’s sheer willpower! You must be making an effort.

  165. Really corny but I LOVED IT!! πŸ™‚

  166. I say the same… using “corny” as a defense so I look “cool”.. but after a few time seeing it, and showing it to several audiences, I have to admit, it’s get me (and most) every time

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