Can a Phone Give You Better Habits? – [habits app]

whemsy habits app for iphone Are you looking for a habits app?

I’ve been reviewing productivity tools that help us plan projects and stay on track in our business mobile lives today

We came across this new app called Whemsy, that claims you’ll be able to develop and keep good hapits using a community on your phone?

Watch the video and let me know in the comments if you think this could work.

The Whemsy Habits App

We all have goals in our lives: becoming financially independent, graduate university, get a job, find a spouse, raise children or just be happy. Whemsy helps you achieve your goals by helping you develop GOOD habits improving LIFE in a fun and a simple way.

When we try achieving goals we rely too much on motivation and willpower. Willpower is a limited source and motivation is only good enough for the beginning. Remember motivation will get you started but for keep on going you need the right set of habits. That is what Whemsy is for. It is a social network and a game that allows users to track their habits, get specific habit related information and interact with other people who want to improve their life.


– Pursue an unlimited number of habits for free
– Set 3 reminders for most important habits you are struggling with

– Earn points for your actions
– View your daily, weekly and monthly results and do your best to improve them
– Connect your Facebook account to follow your friends’ habits
– Get motivated by reading habit related benefits
– Read tips and what steps to take when forming the particular habit

Most popular habits:

– Drink water
– Morning exercise
– Plan your day

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