How Sacred Economics might Turn the World Around

So what exactly is money?

“Money is an agreement. It doesn’t have value all by itself. It has value because people agree that it has value,” says Charles Eisenstein, author of Sacred Economics.

“Scarcity is built into the money system. On a most obvious level, it’s because of the way money is created,” Eisentstein explains. “Money comes along with a corresponding amount of debt. And the debt, because there’s interest on it, is always greater than the amount of money.”

And yet, he also points out that growth is built into the money system, because it’s those who create value for others that essentially create more wealth.

His solution to turning around the economy involves gratitude… which is often the answer to many of life’s biggest problems and challenges.

Watch and discover his perspective in this short film:

Learn more about the filmmaker, Ian MacKenzie, at

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