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How Can We Be Happier?

People often have a bad habit of looking for happiness outside of themselves. But the truth is, happiness comes from within and you can only be happy if you decide to be.

Nobody can “make” you happy but yourself.

This immigrant discovered the truth for herself on her own journey, and ended up creating a mobile app (with web access too) for posting happy thoughts.

How can we be happier?

Why is the pursuit of happiness so stressful and unfulfilling? Why do we believe that huge achievements trump small everyday moments that connect us with ourselves and those we love most? After years of “dreaming in American” and chasing The Big Happy, Russian-born entrepreneur Nataly Kogan dug into the research and believes the key to being happier is to stop saying “I’ll be happy when…” and start saying “I’m happy now because…”

Sharer of Joy: Nataly Kogan at TEDxBoston

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Increase Prosperity with your Words

How you think, feel and verbalize those thoughts and feelings are crucial. If you’re careful how you talk to yourself about wealth and prosperity, and you enjoy an abundant life in many ways, this video is not for you because the host talks about what “we” do and don’t do.

But if you’re struggling with increasing your level of prosperity, you’ll find some good tips here on how to reframe the words you use and increase your levels of gratitude, appreciation, abundance and prosperity.


Our prosperity is closed tied with our concept of abundance and worthiness. One of the ways to notice what beliefs we’re carrying inside of us regarding our abundance is to notice what we say.

In this video, learn how your words are an important part of the abundance you have in life. Discover how to use your words to your advantage so you can increase your prosperity.

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How to Use Attraction Every Day

For five years I lived in a small town in Oregon, which happened to be just down the road from a world-renowned spiritual center. The Life of Learning Foundation, spearheaded by Guy Finley, was a wonderful place to visit.

While his teachings often required close attention and some amount of pondering to fully understand, it was worth the effort and he shared his wisdom freely several times a week.


Here’s his take on the Law of Attraction and how to deal with “negative” experiences (it’s all a matter of perspective)…

Question: If, by the laws of attraction, everything from feathered creatures to heavenly forces has a specific essence that draws to it those elements that are like itself, how do we put the understanding of that law into practice in our everyday lives in order to realize a higher life?

Answer: If we can see how positive inner states lead to positive life experiences, then we can also see that negative inner states must attract negative results. Shedding light on this dark cycle will help us bring an end to it as a source of self-compromise.

Suppose someone walks into your office and drops the bomb that your company has unannounced plans to lay off several employees, and that no one knows who these unfortunates are going to be. Without higher principles to meet this unexpected moment, the fear would surely take control of you and the moment. In no time, you would be the victim of your own self-compromising plans for revenge on an insensitive company, or some such enemy.

Of course, at first glance, feeling scared and getting angry in an event like this seems like it makes sense. But a closer look clearly shows how it betrays. We can’t have fear without anxiety. Anxiety can’t exist without unconsciously comparing what we hoped would happen, to our new fears that it won’t. And connected to this spreading fear our expectations won’t be realized is our growing resentment of the situation, or person, we blame for wiping out our hoped-for happiness. So bitterness spreads. And as it does, it whispers to us that since we’ve already lost our future, why should we do anything more, for anyone, in the present? Now defiance has the reins, and in no time, self-righteous anger courses through our veins.

It’s impossible to have one sad or sour state without another. But there’s still much for us to see. Negativity, like all forms of thought, is actually physical in nature. All things physical, all forms of matter, have mass. And any mass in motion has momentum. Now, with these facts in mind, let’s go back into our illustrative story and see what the momentum of this negative state has to ultimately attract.

So now the boss walks into your office — or you see him at lunch — and he asks you to do some extra work. But with the feeling of being betrayed still fresh in your heart, you can’t help but meet him and his request with a full-blown negative state. The impression you make on him is indelible. Later on, at a time unknown to you, this same superior starts to review who he’s going to keep on and who to let go. And he chooses to release you. Why? Because among other items weighted in his decision process, he recalls your barely masked aggression and obvious resistance to his request.

We can turn the tables on these troubles by employing what we understand about the power of attraction. So, let’s start the story over and put ourselves in the place of this formerly self-punishing person. In our new scenario we receive the same bad news. But this time, the first thing we do — instead of falling into fear — is become aware of it as it tries to pull us down. Why this action? Because we know we can’t have one fear without another. We work very hard to stay inwardly awake to its punishing presence in our psychic system.

We mustn’t try to make this negative inner-state — or our situation within it — do anything. We must do nothing but remain right there, aware of our fears and worries, but doing nothing about them. Never mind what rioting thoughts want us to consider as solutions to our sinking situation. Going inwardly alert, but silent, is all that’s really within our power — at the moment. Any other action would be fear’s. And we already know what happens to us when we assume this mistaken psychological position. That’s not the way for us any more. We want something higher. We take ourselves out of the tough spot we’re in by not letting anxiety or worry dictate the terms of our future actions. We take the only step we can that’s clearly not a part of the fear we feel. In a way, it could be said that we take the right step by not taking the wrong one. The real point here, and we must experience the miracle of it for ourselves, is that the next step will come.

Our success in separating ourselves from the forces that compromise us is as much under law as are the ones that have always left us in the lurch. Everything we need for this new inner success must reveal itself if we’ll just wait for its arrival. Truth always fulfills its promise if we cooperate with the wisdom of its ways. Now let’s return once more to our psychological story and see how our new understanding attracts a new and brighter outcome.

So there we are, facing the bad news — but also resolutely facing our fears at the same time. Since we now know there’s really nothing else we can do at the moment that isn’t on fear’s terms, we just go back to our business as usual. We do our work. Only now we’re active outwardly and inwardly.

We listen neither to the clamoring of those around us — about the impending doom — nor do we heed the shouts from our own mind hammering our inner ears. If we do this, to the best of our ability, one of two things has to occur. And both results are excellent. Both are success.

Now when we run into the boss or he asks us to do some work — above and beyond our usual job — we just do it. No complaints. No resentment. We’re not going to dothat to ourselves anymore. We know better than to be bitter! And the boss notices our effort to be the right kind of person. It’s natural that he’s attracted to the rightness in our attitude. And when that crucial time arrives for personnel evaluation, to see who stays and who goes, we get the nod to stay. Why? Because our new attitude won for us what we had feared to lose.

And even if this part of the story doesn’t happen in quite the way it’s been written, we’ve still won a major victory. Why? Because any time we turn our backs on what frightens us, we also turn our backs on the self-compromising acts those fear-filled conditions attract. Instead, in the absence of fear and self-compromise, we attract what is fearless, which is the same as saying we attract the next higher level of life.

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Feel and Grow Rich

People like to talk about positive thinking… how to Think and Grow Rich… and how your thoughts become things.

Many have written off the Law of Attraction, and movies like The Secret which promoted the concept, as being about attracting what you think about.

And while it’s much easier to get your head around the concept of thoughts, in fact it’s only a small part of the story.

You attract based on your feelings — and your thoughts might kick a feeling into action, but it’s the resulting feeling that’s really at play.

Imagine that you went around thinking a positive thought like “I am rich and successful!”

But you’re not an idiot. You don’t blindly accept everything that’s fed into your brain. Your subconscious mind knows whether you believe this to be true or not — and while you might logically be able to make a case for why it is true (we are all rich in some area of life, and successful at doing something), the immediate reaction is doubt. And that causes a feeling of sadness or frustration or anger or depression.

So in this scenario, what you would end up attracting would be more sadness, more frustration, more anger or more depression — not more riches or success.

This is why affirmations often fail — you’re thinking something positive, but feeling something negative, and the feeling wins out. Sorry… it always does.

So positive thinking is not the complete answer.

Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill talked about the power of thoughts in his classic book Think and Grow Rich. But he also spoke about the power of feelings.

“There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it. – Napoleon Hill

A “burning desire” is definitely a feeling — a driving force — not just a thought.

And while the title Think and Grow Rich was masterful marketing — everyone wants a quick solution, and what’s easier than thinking? — it’s simply not the entire equation. That’s why he wrote a whole book and not just the single phrase!

So from now on, if you want to use affirmations or other self-development tools, concentrate on those that make you FEEL good.

A progression often works well, such as “I’m getting smarter and more successful every day,” or taking a step back from the result, such as “I have the skills to attract money.”

We’ll talk more about these concepts on this site on a daily basis.

For now, just remember to FEEL and Grow Rich! 🙂

Resolution? Or Something Better?

It’s New Year’s Eve, and traditionally people around the world make resolutions. Those resolutions usually fall flat about two weeks into the year, making them kind of a laughable concept.

The first problem is that people are creatures of habit — it takes time to change a bad habit into a good one. Some people say it takes 21 days, some say 28. Others say there’s no magic number. But consistent action is always required.

The second problem is that “resolution” implies fighting or working hard at something — having resolve — and “hard” or “fight” are words that cause us to resist. Human beings like things easy, not hard. So if you’re trying to change something and you subconsciously admit right up front that it’s “hard,” you’re setting yourself up for failure.

10 top new year resolutionsThe third problem is that people tend to make very general resolutions. They’re not even remotely specific in time or space. For example, a typical resolution is to “go to the gym more,” “spend more time with family,” or “make more money.” How much? How often? What is involved in that? Ah, who cares, it won’t matter in two weeks anyhow!

The fourth problem is that resolutions often focus on NOT doing something rather than doing something… on giving up rather than getting or receiving. People resolve to “stop smoking,” “quit drinking,” or “lose weight.” But those words — stop, quit, lose — automatically put a distasteful spin on the whole thing.

So instead of making a resolution, why not set an intention — fueled by your dreams and inspirations for the coming year? Visualize yourself rolling in that money you intend to make or enjoying food because your taste buds are no longer ruined by smoke. Picture yourself trying on beautiful clothes that fit well because you are toned and slender.

No, you don’t have to put numbers or parameters around them unless that makes you feel good. If saying “20 pounds” or “$100,000” causes you doubt, don’t worry about the figures… just focus on the final result. However, if you’re driven by numbers and they inspire you, go ahead and decide how much is involved.

In a way, this is all just semantics. But subconsciously, words are definitely important.

So for this year, make a resolution that’s not a resolution. And that “non-resolution” is to call them visions, dreams, intentions, inspirations, agreements, or whatever word works for you and makes you feel good.

The way the Law of Attraction works, you’ll bring more of what you feel good about… so this year, you’ll be taking the first step towards success just from the words you use.

Happy New Year!

Entrepreneurial Dreams Come True

Every entrepreneur dreams of big things. Even the youngest.

If you are in business, or want to be in business for yourself, grab a tissue and watch this.

An uplifting tale for all of us all

Learn more about the film, the scholarship goal, and inspiration at CainesArcade

Update from Producer on the Entrepreneur Dreams

Some highlights Since posting Caine’s Arcade:

• Over $231,000 has been raised for Caine’s Scholarship Fund (which has been officially & formally set up!) thanks to over 19,000 individual donors
• Over 7 million views on YouTube and Vimeo
• Over 1 million views on our Part 2 followup Video
• Launched the Imagination Foundation and our first annual Global Cardboard Challenge with over 270 events in 41 countries engaging tens-of-thousands of kids worldwide in creative play.
• Caine was the youngest ever entrepreneur to speak at USC Marshall School of Business, Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, and recently spoke at TEDxTeen hosted by Chelsea Clinton. Caine also received the Latino Spirit Award from the California State Assembly, and a cardboard key to the city.
• Thousands and thousands of visitors to Caine’s Arcade (he still gets hundreds of customers every week!)
• Launching an Imagination campaign to engage 1 million kids in creative play

And we’re still going, having hired a great Executive Director to lead our Imagination Foundation, and we’ve been putting together a great Board of Directors to help lead to organization. Our next goal is to engage 1 million kids in 70 countries in creative play via our Cardboard Challenge. We will need help, so please get involved here and share this with friends/educators:

Meanwhile, my life has been transformed. 1 year later, I’m still working on Caine’s Arcade stuff, I got picked up by WME last year for writing/directing/speaking and I’m developing several feature film projects. I’ve also been doing a lot of speaking/travelling, and work on the Imagination Foundation.

Finally, we’re currently in the running to win a $100,000 LA2050 Grant to help us foster creativity and imagination in tens-of-thousands more kids- but we need votes to win. Voting is open til April 17th; it’s free to vote and just takes 1 minute. Please help us grow this movement by Voting for us here (and then sharing the link with friends):

Thank you for an amazing year!

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Don’t Wear Out Your Welcome When You Network

We’ve been lining up more help for those in need of fast cash during the down economy.

Getting people help is relatively easy. Promoting these events has one glaring problem.. there are way too many pitches that look like this:

Of course, at the end of this hilarious video, there is an offer to sign up for more help on how to sell network marketing.

Well, MLM is one way for a person to make money without a large investment. It’s not the only way, but is working for millions when it’s done right.

Other ways involve starting your own small business or project, or helping someone who is already on that path.

There are some things more important that which business or job you choose.

  • You need to work a plan and stick to it
  • The relationships with others will determine your success

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