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Hey Now, You’re an All Star

Every now and then we take a look at songs that can put you in the right frame of mind for success. These are the songs that play at motivational seminars, because they have value in the way they affect our subconscious minds.

Today’s song is All Star by Smash Mouth, and you’ve almost certainly heard it before. But today, listen as if the chorus is talking to you, and about you. Really feel it.

I saw the band play this song live, and it was energizing. Like all Smash Mouth songs, it’s fun and quirky… but it also has an inspiring, motivating message.

So much to do so much to see
So what’s wrong with taking the back streets?
You’ll never know if you don’t go
You’ll never shine if you don’t glow

Hey now, you’re an All Star, get your game on, go play
Hey now, you’re a Rock Star, get the show on, get paid
And all that glitters is gold
Only shooting stars break the mold

How Can We Be Happier?

People often have a bad habit of looking for happiness outside of themselves. But the truth is, happiness comes from within and you can only be happy if you decide to be.

Nobody can “make” you happy but yourself.

This immigrant discovered the truth for herself on her own journey, and ended up creating a mobile app (with web access too) for posting happy thoughts.

How can we be happier?

Why is the pursuit of happiness so stressful and unfulfilling? Why do we believe that huge achievements trump small everyday moments that connect us with ourselves and those we love most? After years of “dreaming in American” and chasing The Big Happy, Russian-born entrepreneur Nataly Kogan dug into the research and believes the key to being happier is to stop saying “I’ll be happy when…” and start saying “I’m happy now because…”

Sharer of Joy: Nataly Kogan at TEDxBoston

Start your happiness journey at

Create Your Own Synchronicity?

In my opinion, there are no such things as coincidences. Your attention is drawn to things that are important to you because what you focus on expands. People call it a “coincidence” like it’s completely random, but I don’t believe it is.

Things happen for a reason, and even if that reason is simply that you’re focusing on something, it’s still a reason (but I think it’s deeper than that). So to me, synchronicity is a better word. It doesn’t imply a disconnect the same way the word “coincidence” does.

Nonetheless, most people use the words interchangeably, so let’s not quibble about semantics. Instead, let’s focus on what matters… can you create your own synchronicity and use this phenomenon to your advantage?

The psychoanalyst Carl Jung was the first to talk about synchronicity. He used the term to describe those times when the unlikeliest things happen together. Not just at the same time, but exactly the right time we need them to. And it’s no coincidence that Einstein and Jung both believed in synchronicity. It was an idea they both discussed with each other. No doubt it played some part in helping Einstein develop his own theory of relativity.

By studying the make up of atoms, in the early 1900’s, Einstein and his buddy Max Planck began to challenge the way that science had been viewing reality for the past 3 centuries. Their views birthed a branch of physics called quantum physics.

Before these 2 paradigm-shifting thinkers shook things up, Newtonian Science ruled the day. Originating with the publication of Sir Isaac Newton’s book, Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica in 1687, scientists thought that atoms consisted of a solid nucleus (a dense centre) with a bunch of electrons orbiting around it. In other words, they were solid structures. However, when atoms were looked at in more detail, it was discovered that they are actually made up 99.99999% space and are mostly energy buzzing around. In fact, in the modern model of atoms, the electrons no longer look like mini-planets orbiting around the nucleus, but are seen as a cloud of fuzzy energy. These bundles of energy whiz around and constantly shift back and forth between a wave-form (energy) and aparticle (matter).

Now comes the weird bit! Some quantum physcisists claim that it depends on the observer and what he/she is expecting to see. This is what is known in quantum science as the observer effect. Not all science is in agreement, but this is hotly debated amongst the big minds.

Interestingly enough, a recent study in the February 26 issue of Nature (Vol. 391, pp. 871-874), supports this view. Researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science have now conducted a highly controlled experiment demonstrating how a beam of electrons was affected by the act of being observed. In this experiment is was revealed that the larger the amount of watching, the greater the observer’s influenced the experiment and the beam.

This can certainly change our view on what we consider to be a coincidence or synchronicity. One might be tempted to ask the question:

“If my thoughts and expectations can effect the activity of an atom, and atoms make up the matter I see in my physical reality … then can my thoughts and intentions affect my physical reality?”

In other words, can you create your own COOL COINCIDENCES?

Find out and read the full story on Huffington Post.

Entrepreneurial Dreams Come True

Every entrepreneur dreams of big things. Even the youngest.

If you are in business, or want to be in business for yourself, grab a tissue and watch this.

An uplifting tale for all of us all

Learn more about the film, the scholarship goal, and inspiration at CainesArcade

Update from Producer on the Entrepreneur Dreams

Some highlights Since posting Caine’s Arcade:

• Over $231,000 has been raised for Caine’s Scholarship Fund (which has been officially & formally set up!) thanks to over 19,000 individual donors
• Over 7 million views on YouTube and Vimeo
• Over 1 million views on our Part 2 followup Video
• Launched the Imagination Foundation and our first annual Global Cardboard Challenge with over 270 events in 41 countries engaging tens-of-thousands of kids worldwide in creative play.
• Caine was the youngest ever entrepreneur to speak at USC Marshall School of Business, Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, and recently spoke at TEDxTeen hosted by Chelsea Clinton. Caine also received the Latino Spirit Award from the California State Assembly, and a cardboard key to the city.
• Thousands and thousands of visitors to Caine’s Arcade (he still gets hundreds of customers every week!)
• Launching an Imagination campaign to engage 1 million kids in creative play

And we’re still going, having hired a great Executive Director to lead our Imagination Foundation, and we’ve been putting together a great Board of Directors to help lead to organization. Our next goal is to engage 1 million kids in 70 countries in creative play via our Cardboard Challenge. We will need help, so please get involved here and share this with friends/educators:

Meanwhile, my life has been transformed. 1 year later, I’m still working on Caine’s Arcade stuff, I got picked up by WME last year for writing/directing/speaking and I’m developing several feature film projects. I’ve also been doing a lot of speaking/travelling, and work on the Imagination Foundation.

Finally, we’re currently in the running to win a $100,000 LA2050 Grant to help us foster creativity and imagination in tens-of-thousands more kids- but we need votes to win. Voting is open til April 17th; it’s free to vote and just takes 1 minute. Please help us grow this movement by Voting for us here (and then sharing the link with friends):

Thank you for an amazing year!

Measuring What Makes Life Worthwhile

What we count is as important as the amount we count

Chip Conley speaks at the TED conference

Great refresher course on Abraham Maslow and how he might have changed his pyramid had he lived longer:


We’ve been using metrics that count the lowest levels of Maslow Hierarchy rather than the things that really matter to most of us today.

We only can manage what we measure.. so let’s measure what is really important

What should we be measuring Gross National Happiness (GNS)?

please leave a comment with what you think matters.. and how to count it

If Pigs Could Fly…

You never know where you’ll find inspiration, so I look for it everywhere.

My friend Dr. Ben Mack has been spreading good energy and reminding us the love is the answer


I always smile when I hear this, remembering a favorite poster from my youth.. but got thinking how love is the answer to many, if not all of life’s questions.

It certainly has been the answer to questions about relationship in business. Yes, loving customers, partners, vendors, co-workers has an ROI (return on investment).. I get more done, have more fun, and feel good all day long when I answer questions about people with “how can we love more?”

Imagining a Better World of the Future

Let’s combine this with a video shared by my friend George Karahalios

Watch the pig flying.. get past the easy question of “how do they get that pig to fly?” and ask yourself “What would be possible if I let it be possible?”

How Can Love Change Our Future?

Let me hear from you. Post your answer to this question in the comments below.

There are no rules. If you feel inspired to say something else, please feel free to post. We want to encourage inspiration and will respond with love.

Imagine your world without limitation. Share the love.

Be A Leader Wherever You Are Planted

You probably heard of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. The author of that best selling book now has a message for anyone in any position.

You can bet a leader no matter where you are planted. No matter what title you have, what situation life as brought you or what your past experience is.

Robin’s new book THE LEADER WHO HAD NO TITLE, teaches us:

  • How to work and influence people like a superstar, regardless of your position
  • A method to recognize and then seize opportunities in times of deep change
  • The real secrets of intense innovation
  • An instant strategy to build a great team as well as become a "merchant of wow" with your customers
  • Hard-hitting tactics to become mentally strong and physically tough to lead your field
  • Real-world ways to defeat stress, build an unbeatable mindset, unleash energy and balance your personal life

Regardless of what you do within your organization and the current circumstances of your life, the single most important fact is that you have the power to show leadership where you are planted and play at peak in all you do. This book shows you how to claim that staggering power. And transform your life – and the world around you – in the process.

Watch the video below, then get your SPECIAL BONUS PACKAGE HERE

Robin Sharma is one of the world’s most highly respected leadership experts and a man devoted to the mission of helping organizations develop people who Lead Without a Title so they win in this period of intense change. His clients include Microsoft, GE, FedEx, IBM, Nike, NASA, Yale University and The Young Presidents Organization. Sharma’s books such as The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and The Greatness Guide have topped bestseller lists across the globe and have sold millions of copies in more than seventy languages. They have also been embraced by rock stars, royalty and many celebrity CEOs.

Robin’s new book THE LEADER WHO HAD NO TITLE is available now