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Positive and Negative: a Matter of Perspective

I’m going to make a very controversial statement here:

Positive is not “good”.

Negative is not “bad”.

negative-batteryA battery needs both a positive and a negative end to work… neither one is better or worse than the other.

A magnet needs both a positive and a negative pole to work… neither one is better or worse than the other.

Much of life on the planet procreates through a process that requires both a positive (male) and a negative (female) component. And no, that doesn’t make men “good” and women “bad”. Neither one is better or worse than the other.

So why do we humans insist on calling positive “good” and negative “bad”?

Well, it’s likely because of the feelings we have when we call something positive or negative. We label something “positive” when it makes us happy and “negative” when it makes us angry or sad.

But ultimately, it’s all a matter of perspective.

For example, when you lose a job, is that a positive or negative experience? Well, if you were counting on that job for income and don’t have the confidence to go out and do something even better, you’ll probably think it was negative. So if you dwell on the downside — “Poor me, why does this always happen to me, I’m a victim” and so on — we call that negative thinking.

However, if you look at the bright side — “Awesome, now I can spend more time with loved ones and start that home-based business I’ve been wanting to” — then we say you’re a positive thinker.

The reality is, there are always both sides. There are pros and cons, ups and downs, pluses and minuses to everything. It’s called yin and yang.

So instead of just seeing one side or the other, why not take stock of all aspects of a situation? Acknowledge how it benefits you and how it doesn’t.

The immediate benefit is that you neutralize the emotions that surround a circumstance. So now you can more logically and sanely approach attracting what you want to attract, whether it’s another job, your own business, or a vacation from working.

And then you’ll find you don’t keep experiencing extreme highs and lows, because suddenly you’re seeing things from a more balanced perspective.

When the Law of Attraction “Doesn’t Work”

law-of-attractionYou know that feeling you get sometimes that the Law of Attraction just “isn’t working” for you?

You SAY you want to have more money… and yet you’re broke. You SAY you want to be a speaker, or an author, or some kind of superstar in your business life… although you haven’t really been able to create or do anything that others will pay for. You SAY you want to have more fulfilling relationships… but you’re going through a divorce.

So… that means the law isn’t a law, right? Because it only works sometimes… and it doesn’t work for you… so it’s actually probably either highly selective or a big pile of BS?

Well, no. Unfortunately, whether you choose to believe it or not, you do attract into your life things that match your vibrational frequency — things that you think about and things that you have intense emotion around, one way or another. Yeah… positive or negative. Doesn’t matter. The Law of Attraction doesn’t judge (fortunately or unfortunately).

When you first learned about Law of Attraction, perhaps you felt excited about what this could mean for you, and you just had to know more. Then the bloom kind of left the rose when you learned that you’re already using it, because it’s a law of the Universe, like gravity is a law on our planet.

Perhaps your original hope was that you’d learn tools or tricks; in other words, you’d learn how to easily use this Law to easily change your life. Perhaps you didn’t expect that to use the Law deliberately in your favor, you’d have to change, as well; and that was uncomfortable for you. It may have felt uncomfortable to learn that if you observed your experiences and linked them to your feeling-based thoughts, past or present, and your thoughts to specific and even seemingly unrelated events, you’d see how you use Law of Attraction all the time, how you affect your experiences all the time.

Maybe you felt or feel about this as you do a car: you just want to drive it, not understand the mechanics of how and why it works. In some respects about this, you are completely right: you can know how it works or not-it will still work, but you BELIEVE a car will work… as long as everything required is in place. Everything IS in place regarding Law of Attraction, except, perhaps, your willingness to adjust in ways that make it work in your favor.

Read the full story and discover some valuable LOA tips at the Learning Law blog.

Resolution? Or Something Better?

It’s New Year’s Eve, and traditionally people around the world make resolutions. Those resolutions usually fall flat about two weeks into the year, making them kind of a laughable concept.

The first problem is that people are creatures of habit — it takes time to change a bad habit into a good one. Some people say it takes 21 days, some say 28. Others say there’s no magic number. But consistent action is always required.

The second problem is that “resolution” implies fighting or working hard at something — having resolve — and “hard” or “fight” are words that cause us to resist. Human beings like things easy, not hard. So if you’re trying to change something and you subconsciously admit right up front that it’s “hard,” you’re setting yourself up for failure.

10 top new year resolutionsThe third problem is that people tend to make very general resolutions. They’re not even remotely specific in time or space. For example, a typical resolution is to “go to the gym more,” “spend more time with family,” or “make more money.” How much? How often? What is involved in that? Ah, who cares, it won’t matter in two weeks anyhow!

The fourth problem is that resolutions often focus on NOT doing something rather than doing something… on giving up rather than getting or receiving. People resolve to “stop smoking,” “quit drinking,” or “lose weight.” But those words — stop, quit, lose — automatically put a distasteful spin on the whole thing.

So instead of making a resolution, why not set an intention — fueled by your dreams and inspirations for the coming year? Visualize yourself rolling in that money you intend to make or enjoying food because your taste buds are no longer ruined by smoke. Picture yourself trying on beautiful clothes that fit well because you are toned and slender.

No, you don’t have to put numbers or parameters around them unless that makes you feel good. If saying “20 pounds” or “$100,000” causes you doubt, don’t worry about the figures… just focus on the final result. However, if you’re driven by numbers and they inspire you, go ahead and decide how much is involved.

In a way, this is all just semantics. But subconsciously, words are definitely important.

So for this year, make a resolution that’s not a resolution. And that “non-resolution” is to call them visions, dreams, intentions, inspirations, agreements, or whatever word works for you and makes you feel good.

The way the Law of Attraction works, you’ll bring more of what you feel good about… so this year, you’ll be taking the first step towards success just from the words you use.

Happy New Year!

Can a Phone Give You Better Habits? – [habits app]

whemsy habits app for iphone Are you looking for a habits app?

I’ve been reviewing productivity tools that help us plan projects and stay on track in our business mobile lives today

We came across this new app called Whemsy, that claims you’ll be able to develop and keep good hapits using a community on your phone?

Watch the video and let me know in the comments if you think this could work.

The Whemsy Habits App

We all have goals in our lives: becoming financially independent, graduate university, get a job, find a spouse, raise children or just be happy. Whemsy helps you achieve your goals by helping you develop GOOD habits improving LIFE in a fun and a simple way.

When we try achieving goals we rely too much on motivation and willpower. Willpower is a limited source and motivation is only good enough for the beginning. Remember motivation will get you started but for keep on going you need the right set of habits. That is what Whemsy is for. It is a social network and a game that allows users to track their habits, get specific habit related information and interact with other people who want to improve their life.


– Pursue an unlimited number of habits for free
– Set 3 reminders for most important habits you are struggling with

– Earn points for your actions
– View your daily, weekly and monthly results and do your best to improve them
– Connect your Facebook account to follow your friends’ habits
– Get motivated by reading habit related benefits
– Read tips and what steps to take when forming the particular habit

Most popular habits:

– Drink water
– Morning exercise
– Plan your day