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Don’t Take Your Life For Granted

Sometimes we all get into ruts, and that’s normal. It’s nothing to beat yourself up over… life takes care of that for us.

But if you find yourself dwelling on what you don’t have, and taking everything for granted, then it’s probably time for a focus shift.

The happiest and most successful people in the world are grateful for what they have. They don’t focus on what’s wrong, they focus on what’s right.

Doesn’t mean being in denial about something that needs attention, but it’s about being happy with what you have instead of sad about what you think you don’t have. Everything is a matter of perspective, and what you choose to focus on is what you will find growing in your life.

So if you focus on lack, you’ll experience more lack. And if you focus on gratitude, you’ll experience more to be grateful for.

This video documentary is an amazing little reminder of this concept.

Called 365Grateful, it’s one woman’s journey out of depression into happiness through the power of gratitude.

Meet Hailey Bartholomew and her inspiring project: from hailey bartholomew on Vimeo.

365 Grateful is a film about uncovering what happens when ordinary people unlock the remarkable powers of gratitude.

This documentary was born out of a project created by Hailey – the ‘365 Grateful Project’. In early 2008, in an effort to fight depression, Hailey started a year long photographic project which involved taking one Polaroid photo a day of something she felt grateful for. Initially this was a chore but eventually it became a delight.

The discipline of having to look for the good things that happened every day changed her life in so many ways. Hailey found not only her marriage, spiritual life and health improved, but this project accidentally, wondrously spread and affected the lives of many others.

While doing her project Hailey posted it on Flickr. Gradually others began to do their own versions and over time 365 Grateful went viral.

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21 Things Prosperous People Know

RandyGageRandy Gage is not known for mincing words. He believes we all have a duty to be prosperous, and he’ll use tough love to tell you what’s wrong with you. Or rather, what you can improve.

Case in point: One of his most popular books is called Why You’re Dumb, Sick and Broke (and How to Get Smart, Healthy and Rich).

So I listen when he talks about how to be more prosperous. And unless you make more than him, you probably should too.

After all, he’s all about congruency.

The only thing on this list I don’t totally agree with is I don’t believe anybody is completely “negative”… and I also believe that negativity is largely a matter of perception. But I get what he’s saying: he’s talking about the people who whine, complain, and try to bring you down. You can choose not to be around that type of behavior.

So here is his latest list about what you should know if you want to become more prosperous:

The 21 Things Every Prosperous Person Should Know…

1) Money at its very essence is energy – and all energy can be attracted or repelled.

2) Money doesn’t buy happiness.  But poverty doesn’t either.

3) Michael J Fox is back on TV.

4) Bills are simply invoices for blessings you’ve already received.  Treat them accordingly.

5) Jonny Lang has a new album out.

6) Prosperity is created by solving problems or adding value.

7) You must be willing to let go of who you have been, to become who you are meant to be.

8) You don’t really have a money shortage, only an idea shortage.

9) The only free cheese is in the mousetrap.

10) Larry Winget has a new book out.  There’s a good chance you’ll hate it.  Which is why you need to read it.

11) When you get negative people out of your life, the negative things in your life happen a lot less frequently.

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When the Law of Attraction “Doesn’t Work”

law-of-attractionYou know that feeling you get sometimes that the Law of Attraction just “isn’t working” for you?

You SAY you want to have more money… and yet you’re broke. You SAY you want to be a speaker, or an author, or some kind of superstar in your business life… although you haven’t really been able to create or do anything that others will pay for. You SAY you want to have more fulfilling relationships… but you’re going through a divorce.

So… that means the law isn’t a law, right? Because it only works sometimes… and it doesn’t work for you… so it’s actually probably either highly selective or a big pile of BS?

Well, no. Unfortunately, whether you choose to believe it or not, you do attract into your life things that match your vibrational frequency — things that you think about and things that you have intense emotion around, one way or another. Yeah… positive or negative. Doesn’t matter. The Law of Attraction doesn’t judge (fortunately or unfortunately).

When you first learned about Law of Attraction, perhaps you felt excited about what this could mean for you, and you just had to know more. Then the bloom kind of left the rose when you learned that you’re already using it, because it’s a law of the Universe, like gravity is a law on our planet.

Perhaps your original hope was that you’d learn tools or tricks; in other words, you’d learn how to easily use this Law to easily change your life. Perhaps you didn’t expect that to use the Law deliberately in your favor, you’d have to change, as well; and that was uncomfortable for you. It may have felt uncomfortable to learn that if you observed your experiences and linked them to your feeling-based thoughts, past or present, and your thoughts to specific and even seemingly unrelated events, you’d see how you use Law of Attraction all the time, how you affect your experiences all the time.

Maybe you felt or feel about this as you do a car: you just want to drive it, not understand the mechanics of how and why it works. In some respects about this, you are completely right: you can know how it works or not-it will still work, but you BELIEVE a car will work… as long as everything required is in place. Everything IS in place regarding Law of Attraction, except, perhaps, your willingness to adjust in ways that make it work in your favor.

Read the full story and discover some valuable LOA tips at the Learning Law blog.

The Dangerous Power of Negative Thinking

no negative thinking
Say NO to negative thinking. It’s dangerous


Negative thinking is our enemy. It dampens our enthusiasm and motivation. It contributes to indecision, inertia, procrastination and outright derailment of our goal-directed actions. It defeats us. It beats us. It creates the “bad luck” that we will later bemoan.

We are our own worst enemy when we indulge our negative thinking and tell ourselves, “It’s not going to work out… I’m unlucky… Something will go wrong… Such and such will happen and I’m just going to be more miserable, so why bother?”

There are an endless number of negative messages in all shapes and sizes that discourage us from being proactive and going forth into the world. And now is as good a time as any to stop playing this losing hand, to stop giving these negative messages any power.

A major problem in this regard is that, for the most part, we’re so used to our negative thinking that we aren’t even aware when we’re doing it. Consequently, we need to listen closely to the content of our thoughts. We need to hear our words as we speak them, with our negativity detector finely tuned.

When we recognize the negative thoughts and words, we need to stop them and counter them with alternative messages that are positive and optimistic, based on truth, not fear.

To be sure: just because things haven’t worked out in the past doesn’t mean they never will. Just because we have been rejected and disappointed in the past, doesn’t mean that this is our eternal fate that we must resign ourselves to. Just because we’ve been plagued with failure and perceived bad luck doesn’t mean that this is the way it always will or must be.

We are masters of our fate, whether we allow our fear or our optimism to propel us forward.

On an unconscious level, our negativity is a defense mechanism, a protective device such that if something bad should happen, we won’t be blindsided and devastated by it. By anticipating failure, we think we are softening the blow of failure should it occur.

Unfortunately, this is not a good plan. The negativity of anticipated bad luck and failure actually helps to create them because it contributes to us not putting our best foot forward. It blocks the flow of positive energy and directs the Law of Attraction to attract negative consequences rather than positive outcomes. It reinforces our fear and insecurity, and it diminishes our confidence and faith in ourselves and our objectives.

In this regard, negative thinking is actually a form of self-abuse. Certainly, it is important to be aware of the things that can go wrong so that we can have a strategy to address them and push forward, should they occur. But to beat ourselves into submission with our negative fear thoughts such that we don’t take risks and we don’t go the distance in order to protect ourselves from disappointment, shame and humiliation is simply self-punishment.

Letting fear and negativity derail us will never bring rainbows and sunshine into our lives. Rather than anticipating failure, we should anticipate success, while at the same time telling ourselves that should failure occur, we will be emotionally capable of dealing with it, that we will pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and continue on our path toward our goals because that is the only way we will get where we want to go.

It’s best that we remind ourselves that there is less shame in failure and defeat than in never trying at all, that many great hearts and minds have risen from the ashes of multiple failures and defeat to reap the rewards of great success and prosperity.

Bottom line: we must be vigilant over our thoughts, stop the negativity and be positive and enthusiastic regardless of adversity and seemingly overwhelming odds against us, and push forward with one true thought always in the forefront of our cons

walter JacobsonWalter Jacobson is the author of  “Forgive To Win!” is about ending self-sabotaging behaviors getting in the way of one’s happiness, well-being and material success

Entrepreneurial Dreams Come True

Every entrepreneur dreams of big things. Even the youngest.

If you are in business, or want to be in business for yourself, grab a tissue and watch this.

An uplifting tale for all of us all

Learn more about the film, the scholarship goal, and inspiration at CainesArcade

Update from Producer on the Entrepreneur Dreams

Some highlights Since posting Caine’s Arcade:

• Over $231,000 has been raised for Caine’s Scholarship Fund (which has been officially & formally set up!) thanks to over 19,000 individual donors
• Over 7 million views on YouTube and Vimeo
• Over 1 million views on our Part 2 followup Video
• Launched the Imagination Foundation and our first annual Global Cardboard Challenge with over 270 events in 41 countries engaging tens-of-thousands of kids worldwide in creative play.
• Caine was the youngest ever entrepreneur to speak at USC Marshall School of Business, Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, and recently spoke at TEDxTeen hosted by Chelsea Clinton. Caine also received the Latino Spirit Award from the California State Assembly, and a cardboard key to the city.
• Thousands and thousands of visitors to Caine’s Arcade (he still gets hundreds of customers every week!)
• Launching an Imagination campaign to engage 1 million kids in creative play

And we’re still going, having hired a great Executive Director to lead our Imagination Foundation, and we’ve been putting together a great Board of Directors to help lead to organization. Our next goal is to engage 1 million kids in 70 countries in creative play via our Cardboard Challenge. We will need help, so please get involved here and share this with friends/educators:

Meanwhile, my life has been transformed. 1 year later, I’m still working on Caine’s Arcade stuff, I got picked up by WME last year for writing/directing/speaking and I’m developing several feature film projects. I’ve also been doing a lot of speaking/travelling, and work on the Imagination Foundation.

Finally, we’re currently in the running to win a $100,000 LA2050 Grant to help us foster creativity and imagination in tens-of-thousands more kids- but we need votes to win. Voting is open til April 17th; it’s free to vote and just takes 1 minute. Please help us grow this movement by Voting for us here (and then sharing the link with friends):

Thank you for an amazing year!

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