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Should or Must?

You may have heard people say “Don’t should on yourself” or “Don’t let others should on you.” Ha ha… yeah, cute, right? But the point is that we often do things based on what others want us to do, or a feeling of obligation rather than desire.

Elle Luna suggests making a slight shift, saying “This is a story about two roads—Should and Must. It’s a pep talk for anyone who’s chosen Should for far too long—months, years, maybe a lifetime—and feels like it’s about time they gave Must a shot.”

There are two paths in life: Should and Must. We arrive at this crossroads over and over again. And each time, we get to choose.

Over the past year I’ve chosen Must again and again. And it was petrifying. And at times it was dark. But I would never, ever, trade this past year for anything. This essay is my three biggest takeaways from the experience. It’s for anyone who is thinking of making the jump from Should to Must. Anyone looking to follow the energy deep within their chest but aren’t quite sure how.

Should is how others want us to show up in the world?—?how we’re supposed to think, what we ought to say, what we should or shouldn’t do. It’s the vast array of expectations that others layer upon us. When we choose Should the journey is smooth, the risk is small.

Must is different—there aren’t options and we don’t have a choice.

Must is who we are, what we believe, and what we do when we are alone with our truest, most authentic self. It’s our instincts, our cravings and longings, the things and places and ideas we burn for, the intuition that swells up from somewhere deep inside of us. Must is what happens when we stop conforming to other people’s ideals and start connecting to our own. Because when we choose Must, we are no longer looking for inspiration out there. Instead, we are listening to our calling from within, from some luminous, mysterious place.

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Hey Now, You’re an All Star

Every now and then we take a look at songs that can put you in the right frame of mind for success. These are the songs that play at motivational seminars, because they have value in the way they affect our subconscious minds.

Today’s song is All Star by Smash Mouth, and you’ve almost certainly heard it before. But today, listen as if the chorus is talking to you, and about you. Really feel it.

I saw the band play this song live, and it was energizing. Like all Smash Mouth songs, it’s fun and quirky… but it also has an inspiring, motivating message.

So much to do so much to see
So what’s wrong with taking the back streets?
You’ll never know if you don’t go
You’ll never shine if you don’t glow

Hey now, you’re an All Star, get your game on, go play
Hey now, you’re a Rock Star, get the show on, get paid
And all that glitters is gold
Only shooting stars break the mold

How to Overcome Depression

If you’ve ever experienced depression, you know it’s not about feeling sad. There’s often no apparent reason for it, and it can feel literally like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

At its worst, depression can be a frightening, debilitating condition. Millions of people around the world live with depression. Many of these individuals and their families are afraid to talk about their struggles, and don’t know where to turn for help. However, depression is largely preventable and treatable. Recognizing depression and seeking help is the first and most critical towards recovery.

In collaboration with WHO to mark World Mental Health Day, writer and illustrator Matthew Johnstone tells the story of overcoming the “black dog of depression”.

Many people keep up an emotional front like in the video. They pretend to the outside world that everything is going well, and push themselves to “think positive” or “be optimistic.”

Choosing to see the bright side of a bleak situation is great. Denying something deeper or more debilitating exists is not.

As Johnstone says in the video, “I also learned that being emotionally genuine and authentic to those who are close to you can be an absolute game-changer.”

When you admit it, at least you can deal with it and overcome it… medication might help some, but it’s not required for everybody.

If this is a problem for you, try some suggestions from the video: learn how to quiet your mind, exercise regularly, keep a mood journal, work on being grateful, and more.

When you’re forced to reevaluate and simplify your life, as Johnstone was, and embrace your problems instead of running away from them, the curse can actually become a blessing in disguise.


Don’t Take Your Life For Granted

Sometimes we all get into ruts, and that’s normal. It’s nothing to beat yourself up over… life takes care of that for us.

But if you find yourself dwelling on what you don’t have, and taking everything for granted, then it’s probably time for a focus shift.

The happiest and most successful people in the world are grateful for what they have. They don’t focus on what’s wrong, they focus on what’s right.

Doesn’t mean being in denial about something that needs attention, but it’s about being happy with what you have instead of sad about what you think you don’t have. Everything is a matter of perspective, and what you choose to focus on is what you will find growing in your life.

So if you focus on lack, you’ll experience more lack. And if you focus on gratitude, you’ll experience more to be grateful for.

This video documentary is an amazing little reminder of this concept.

Called 365Grateful, it’s one woman’s journey out of depression into happiness through the power of gratitude.

Meet Hailey Bartholomew and her inspiring project: from hailey bartholomew on Vimeo.

365 Grateful is a film about uncovering what happens when ordinary people unlock the remarkable powers of gratitude.

This documentary was born out of a project created by Hailey – the ‘365 Grateful Project’. In early 2008, in an effort to fight depression, Hailey started a year long photographic project which involved taking one Polaroid photo a day of something she felt grateful for. Initially this was a chore but eventually it became a delight.

The discipline of having to look for the good things that happened every day changed her life in so many ways. Hailey found not only her marriage, spiritual life and health improved, but this project accidentally, wondrously spread and affected the lives of many others.

While doing her project Hailey posted it on Flickr. Gradually others began to do their own versions and over time 365 Grateful went viral.

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Do You Have An Opportunity for Me?


A couple of times a day, I get an email like this one


Thanks for all the great content you share.

I just heard about an opportunity and want to share it with you. This company is just getting started, has a unique compensation plan and my friend tells me we can make a lot of money.

They are growing fast and have 57,000 on board. .and they haven’t even launched.

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Your Friend

I don’t like to delete emails sent in good faith from subscribers, so I send something like this:

Dear Friend

Sounds very familiar.. I’ve heard this story about 43,127 times.

not to burst your bubble.. but the illusion of getting in on the ground floor is so common that taken alone, it’s ceased to have any meaning.

I hope you’ll get back to me when you make you first $100k on this. I assume there will be more past that, will sign up, and buy you dinner as my appreciation for teaching me a lesson.

For now, I’ll go with a strong business plan, marketing with ROI, and build my business on solid facts.

I look forward to hearing how this goes for you. I wish you success in whatever you do


There are so many good opportunities in the world, and there is always a chance that your cousin’s brother-in-law has a former boss that is going to create the next billion dollar business. So keep your eyes and ears open.

However, the chances are pretty well stacked against anyone starting a business.

Don’t forget that a great business will take years to build. Vast fortunes can be made in companies that started a few years ago and have a proven product and track record of paying out as promised.

Just a little math can show how sound this strategy is.. whether it’s a start up stock or a multi level marketing sale plan.. the GROWTH of a $100,000,000.00 company at 10% will be more than a million dollar company that doubles sales.

It’s as simple as that.

Lot’s of opportunity on the way to that billion dollar empire. Get to know the players. Do business with people who have a sound product and business plan. There will  be risk involved (always is) but the good people to always be gravitating to the best deals…

.. and there will be more deals.